Experiencing a clogged vape is a common issue, and it tends to occur more frequently during the colder months. Although preventive measures like storing the pen in an upright position can be helpful, sometimes clogs can still happen.

However, there’s good news – resolving a clog is straightforward and easy. Given that the constituents of the vape are thick and adhere together at lower temperatures, applying a bit of heat can liquefy them, making the cleaning process simple. This can be achieved by either blowing into the vape or warming it up a few times to dissolve the substances obstructing the air passages.

Steps to Unclog Your THC Zen Vapes:

1. Give Your Vape a Thorough Cleaning: Utilize a slender, elongated instrument like a paper clip or toothpick to gently probe into the mouthpiece. Carefully sweep the instrument side to side to clean the inner parts of the mouthpiece, thus eliminating surplus oil. This method should be executed with caution and can provide a quick fix for blockages.

2. Heat It Up: Consider using a hair dryer to warm your pen for several seconds while keeping it vertical to facilitate the flow of oil out of the air channels. If a hair dryer isn’t within reach, place your vape pen in a sealed plastic bag and immerse it in warm water, ensuring no water seeps into the bag or contacts the pen.

3. Gentle Air Pulls: In the event of a clog, delicately draw in air. You might sense the obstruction shifting through the air channel, rectifying the issue. Refrain from intense pulls to prevent additional oil from entering the airway. Blowing directly into the base of the USB-C port can also be effective in addressing the blockage.

Tips for Preventing Clogs:

Proper Storage: Post-use, ensure the pen is stored upright until the oil regains its thickness.

Battery Maintenance: Ensure your battery is always fully charged.

Storage Precautions: Avoid placing your vape in your pockets.

Sunlight Exposure: Minimize exposure to direct sunlight, particularly for prolonged durations.

Temperature Control: Avoid leaving your vape in your car to prevent temperature variations and consider storing it in a warm location, as cold conditions can cause the vape liquid to thicken and crystallize.

Regular Usage: Engage in frequent use of your vape. Clogs are often a result of inactivity; a quick hit a couple of times weekly can maintain a clear passage.

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