Our vapes are filled with the cleanest THC Distillate 

In our registered THC shop, we take pride in offering a distinct range of THC vapes that set the standard in the industry. What makes our vapes exceptional is the careful process of filling them with the purest THC Distillate.

Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that every THC vape product we provide offers a consistently potent and satisfying experience. We prioritize transparency, providing you with comprehensive details about our sourcing and production methods.

When you choose our THC vapes, you're opting for a premium product supported by our dedication to excellence in the THC market. Discover our diverse selection and elevate your THC journey to new heights today. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities as we deliver exceptional THC vapes to your doorstep.

Experience the best THC High ever

Experience the pinnacle of THC-induced euphoria with us as we invite you to embark on a journey toward the best THC high ever. Our commitment to delivering an unparalleled cannabis experience is unwavering.

At our registered THC shop, we understand the profound significance of a truly exceptional high. That's why we meticulously curate a selection of the finest THC products that cater to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Our premium THC strains, concentrates, and edibles are sourced with precision and care to ensure the highest quality.

When you choose our products, you're not just indulging in cannabis; you're embracing a lifestyle that values authenticity, purity, and potency. Whether you prefer the relaxing embrace of an indica, the creative spark of a sativa, or the balance of a hybrid, we have precisely what you need to elevate your experience.

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1Shipping and delivery
We ship 100% secure and we have our ways. Packages should arrive at your doorstep within 3-15 business days for most EU countries (this heavily depends on the destination country). It is 100% discreet and we try our best to keep it that way.
2How to use?
We have the “pull to activate” mechanism: This means you take a puff, the pen warms up the stuff and its working (you get the smoke). All Vape pens comes with a pre-charged battery. A light on the pen will indicate low battery when it gets low, so you can recharge it.
3Order tracking
Due to nature of our products, currently we do not offer tracked shipping.This provides enough discretion for our team to operate freely.After you receive an email that an order has been shipped, you can expect the order within 5-15 work days (times may vary – depends on destination address).You can check usual delivery times in the next Q-A below
4Countries we ship to
We ship inside whole EU. Check out the list of countries we ship to and estimated arrival times (shipping times can vary from the estimations in the list) :Germany (3-8 business days) Italy (5-15 business days) Netherlands (3-8 business days) Austria (4-8 business days) Switzerland (5-10 business days) Spain (5-10 business days) Belgium (5-10 business days) Bulgaria (5-15 business days) Croatia (5-15 business days) Cyprus (5-15 business days) Czech republic (5-12 business days) Denmark (5-15 business days) Estonia (5-15 business days) Finland (5-15 business days) France (5-10 business days) Greece (5-15 business days) Hungary (5-15 business days) Ireland (5-15 business days) Latvia (5-15 business days) Lithuania (5-15 business days) Luxembourg (5-10 business days) Malta (5-15 business days) Poland (5-15 business days) Portugal (5-15 business days) Romania (5-15 business days) Slovakia (5-15 business days) Slovenia (5-15 business days) Sweden (5-15 business days)
5What makes THC Zen Vapes more convenient than traditional methods of THC consumption?
Answer: THC Zen Vapes are portable, easy to use, and don’t require any preparation. Unlike traditional methods, such as rolling a joint, users can discreetly carry THC Zen Vapes and use them on-the-go. The vaping devices are also designed to be sleek and stylish, offering a modern and sophisticated experience.
6How is the flavor profile of THC Zen Vapes compared to classic THC consumption?
Answer: THC Zen Vapes offer a pure and intense flavor experience. The vaporization process preserves the terpenes and flavonoids, ensuring users enjoy the full spectrum of the strain’s flavor, which is often lost or altered during the combustion process in traditional consumption methods.
7Are THC Zen Vapes safer than smoking?
Answer: While research is still ongoing, many studies suggest that vaping can be a less harmful option because it doesn’t involve combustion. Combustion, common in traditional methods like smoking, releases harmful toxins and carcinogens. Vaping ensures users inhale vapor and not smoke, reducing the exposure to these harmful substances.
8How efficient is the THC delivery with THC Zen Vapes compared to other methods?
Answer: Vaping offers a quick and efficient delivery of THC. The inhalation process allows the THC to enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs, leading to almost instantaneous effects. This is often faster compared to the delayed onset of effects experienced in other consumption methods like edibles.
9Can I control the dosage with THC Zen Vapes?
Answer: Yes, THC Zen Vapes allow for precise dosing, ensuring users can tailor their experience based on their preferences and tolerance levels. This level of control is often challenging to achieve with traditional THC consumption methods.
10Is there a difference in odor between THC Zen Vapes and classic smoking methods?
Answer: THC Zen Vapes produce a less potent odor compared to smoking, enabling users to enjoy their experience discreetly. The vapor dissipates quickly, reducing the lingering smell that is characteristic of traditional smoking methods.
11How cost-effective are THC Zen Vapes in comparison to traditional methods?
Answer: Although the initial investment in a vaping device might be higher, THC Zen Vapes prove to be cost-effective in the long run. They are efficient in extracting the active compounds from the THC oil, ensuring users require a smaller quantity to experience the desired effects.
12How do THC Zen Vapes affect the environment compared to traditional smoking?
Answer: Vaping is generally considered more environmentally friendly. It doesn’t produce ash, butts, or other waste associated with traditional smoking methods. Additionally, the rechargeable and refillable nature of many vaping devices reduces waste.

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